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Celtic Angels

Below are the first in the series of Celtic Angels by Elantu. They are being created for a new and exciting project that we will have more details on very soon.

We wanted to give you a sneak peak! So please enjoy and if you would like more information, please feel free to email Customer Service for more info. All infomation about the Celtic Angels are located in the Fantasy & Angels Gallery.

The Angels below are completed and can be ordered as prints. Some of the originals are available for sale. If you would like to Pre-Order before the release date, please email Customer Service with details for more details and pricing.

Aylwen the Nobel Guardian
Armoin the Angel of Harmony
Athas the Angel of Joy
Breith the Angel of Judgement
Brynn the Highland Angel
Cathl the Angel of Melody
Ceana the Angel of Love
Derryne the Angel of the Oak Woods
Earrach the Angel of Spring
Easparta the Angel of the Evening Song
Maidin the Angel of the Morning
Mairwen the Angel of May
Realta Ealais the Angel of the Evening Star
Rhosyn the Angel of the Roses
Samhradh the Angel of Summer
Telynor the Angel of the Harp
Trocaire the Angel of Mercy
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