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$24.95 (US)
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ISBN: 1-58008-554-7
Hardcover (cloth)
272 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
All illustrations by Elantu.



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Tales and Recipes from an Epicure in the Wilderness

Hunting for a fresh chicken in a supermarket is one thing. Bagging a plump pheasant with nothing more than a cardboard tube and a poncho is quite another.

Throught history, the poacher has been pigeonholed as scoundrel, thief, and a criminal. But there exists another breed of poacher: one who proudly hunts without a gun, using art and guile alone.

By the time she was ten years old, Elantu knew how to catch fish with an umbrella and fell a moose without a gun. She has lived all over North America and earned her living as a chef, cooking instructor, garbage collector, fire-watch resident, and artist. Besides hunting, fishing, camping, and cooking, she also enjoys hockey, spelunking, snowshoeing, designing Celtic knotwork, reading, bluegrass, and opera. She lives in Bighorn Canyon, Colorado, where she is currently working on several other books.

Wily woodswoman Elantu has spent a lifetime observing animals and cleverly coaxing them onto her plate. She shares her secrets in The Contented Poacher, the collected tales of her successful (and not so successful) close encounters with the wild side. With wit and wisdom, she'll show you how to nab a turkey using a fishnet, tap into a woodchuck psychology, avoid meeting a bear on a mountain path, and catch catfish with cornmeal cakes, as well as other fine points of the chase.

While chronicling her quest for cheap and savory vittles, Elantu also shares sixty original recipes for the true do-it-yourself gourmet, including her Lemon Roadrunner with Almonds, Porcupine in Pomegranate Sauce, and Rattlesnake Potpie with Prickly Pear Apples. Other recipes feature venison, buffalo, prairie dog, armadillo, field mouse, and grasshopper (along with store-bought substitutions for squeamish city dwellers).

A rare catch for hunting buffs, armchair survivalists, and curious culinarians, The Contented Poacher will satisfy your taste for all creatures great and small.

Below are some sample pages from The Contented Poacher.

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