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September 14, 2009

The Mysterious and Unexplained - Episode 5: Metaphysics, Dreams...

Here's the link to the podcast in case you missed it:

The Mysterious and Unexplained - Episode 5: Metaphysics, Dreams...

I energetically "zapped" their system (my bad) towards the end of my segment!! So some has been edited out. I’d warned Rusty upfront that this happens all the time.

See Rusty's comments about the energy surge:

On this show Rusty was visited by Lisa Rhyne from The Dream Masters who dropped in to chat about dreams, motivation, the Hopi Indians and of course The Dream Masters. An enthralling hour but was it Lisa, who has a history of zapping electronic gear, that sent our stream into a spin, causing batteries on our video camera and mobile phone to go flat?

Thanks again Rusty for a great chat and sorry about getting overly excited! I just L-O-V-E what I do and all the great people interested in my work and The Dream Masters!!

Sending you all Love, Laughter & Light ~ L


Lisa Rhyne Hank Williams Jr.

This is the first MNF video Hank Jr. did after his contract had been cancelled.
Bonus features include interviews with the executive producers and Hank in the studio.
Lisa Rhyne is playing Hank's dance hall girlfriend and also in the back of the speed boat in a bomber jacket with ball cap. At the end there is a group shot of the main cast and crew.

Hank Williams Jr

Playing Card Hank Jr. used in the video
(gold leafed so that is why the copy quality is off a little due to reflections).

Filmed in Nashville, Tennessee on the General Jackson riverboat
on the Cumberland River.

YouTube Video Link:
or click here: YouTube MNF Video

Monday Night Video Football Video with Hank Williams Jr. with Lisa Rhyne


YouTube Video Link:

Hosted by Gary Collins and Sarah Purcell Featuring Lisa Rhyne

Eye To Eye with Connie Chung
Featuring Lisa Rhyne

Eye to Eye with Connie Chung Featuring Lisa Rhyne

Lisa featured on Inside Edition

Inside Edition Featuring Lisa Rhyne



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