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I am currently writing and producing several projects. That is why I have not updated this website or my other online sites. More to come very soon on everything.


Journey of a Dream Master

Book 1 was published January 17, 2016!

There are more reviews on Amazon and on Here are what Dr. Hank Wesselman, PhD., Dannion Brinkley and Dr. Eric Montgomery have written about the book:

"In JOURNEY OF A DREAM MASTER, Lisa Rhyne has created an engaging personal account of her magical life, revealing what becomes possible when we step onto the spiritual path in search of ourselves and our connections to the Universe." -- Hank Wesselman, PhD., anthropologist and author of eight books on shamanism, including the Spiritwalker Trilogy, the award-winning Awakening to the Spirit World (with Sandra Ingerman), and The Bowl of Light: Ancestral Wisdom from a Hawaiian Shaman.

I have known Lisa for many years and it is difficult to find the right words worthy of her. How do you describe the divine and magical? Her work and words always come from her true heart. Lisa is one of those rare individuals who walk by faith not by sight and lives a life of service to all who seek her out. Her amazing stories and incredible photos in "Journey of a Dream Master" will open your heart and mind to what is possible for all of us. She's the real deal, funny as can be, and knows even more than she shares in this first book! We are all blessed to be a part of her journey and lucky to get an insider's look into her magical life. Treat yourself to this little collection of amazing stories that will transform you in surprising ways. I love her, love her storytelling...and I know you will, too! -- Dannion Brinkley, International and New York Times bestselling author of "Saved by the Light" and "Secrets of the Light"

"Journey of a Dream Master" is self-reflexivity and auto-ethnography at its best: analytical, engaging, and sheer poetry in motion. Lisa captures what most social scientists and religious scholars too often fall short in accomplishing, a portal into ourselves and our eternal connection to the infinite. Normally the terms "metaphysical" and "shamanism" do more to mystify than to clarify the magical and mystical realms of human culture--but, Rhyne's book manages to bring a fresh nuanced meaning to these terms while also inspiring the reader to unleash untapped power within themselves. I could not put this book down, it reads like a conversation, and informs like a sacred text. In a world where homogenization and neoliberalism seem to be swallowing up everything wholesome in their path, this little gem offers key insights into who we are, where we are going, and what we can do to create cosmic transformations in ourselves and the world. Lisa has altered the way I approach my research into "Vodun" and "Orisha" in Africa in the New World and inspired me to ask new questions and posit new theories that I would have never considered.

When I got half-way through the book, I had a psycho-somatic effect and could feel a rush encompass my entire body, the feeling only escalated after reading about her experiences in Cahokia, a sacred place par excellence. I would love to work with Ms. Rhyne in the future on both filming and participant-observation in the African Diaspora. And the chance to see her collaborate with the healers of Ghana, Togo, and Benin would be a dream come true. I cannot wait for the sequel "Walking Between Worlds" and encourage anybody with an interest in other ways of knowing and seeing to read this book often, and disperse it widely. -- Eric Montgomery, PhD
Cultural Anthropologist and author of "Ethnography of a Vodu Shrine in Southern Togo"
Wayne State University
Center for Peace and Conflict Studies

Journey of a Dream Master

To view the supplemental photos as well as see additional videos, please go to my website by clicking this link: Journey of a Dream Master Page page.

For other Testimonials and Thanks please go to the Testimonials page.

SOON TO COME - new META-CON website and info!

Lisa Rhyne is the Owner, Founder and Producer of META-CON.

The updated Meta-Con convention - "The Great Gathering" - is coming together. More information soon.

META-CON has been continually evolving behind the scenes. We had an individual illegally using Lisa's trademark so we had to take a break on things.

UPDATE: October 17, 2018, we scored the victory we knew we would. Ryan Kopf's lawsuit to try and take my META-CON trademark is settled. The UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE´╗┐ Trademark Trial and Appeal Board found in my favor and his lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice (meaning he can never file again). ´╗┐

Yay! Now we can move forward with full force!

More news very soon about the revamped META-CON. Meta-Con (meta conscious or metaphysical convergence are just 2 of the meanings of META-CON). It is the premiere Metaphysics convention held annually in Los Angeles, California featuring the greatest Modern Masters of Metaphysics in the world all together in one place. The superstars of the supernatural - the greatest scientific minds of our time, Shamans and leaders in other "alternative" modalities - all together with the megastars and visionary storytellers of the entertainment world.

Featured Speakers, Lectures, Interactive Workshops, Exhibitor Booths, Exclusive Screenings of Films, TV/Cable/Internet Shows, Live Entertainment and more!

Think Comic-Con, TED, Conscious Life Expo and Sundance all combined...only far more powerful, transformational and entertaining.

If you would like to be a speaker, vendor, attendee or volunteer, please email Lisa to get on the list and get more details.


I'll be featured on Rev. Pamela Cummins' "The Love Channel Show" on June 3rd (8:00 pm EST/5:00 pm PST) talking about all sorts of things. I will also be doing a guided mediation for listeners. I will post more details closer to the date - including how you can call in to ask me questions. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up to mark your calendars.

I will be doing a second show on August 5th (8:00 pm EST/5:00 pm PST) talking about NLP concepts - specifically the two most common reasons why relationships fail. You'll want to hear this!
Cheers ~ Lisa Rhyne


Please go to "The Dream Masters" Facebook Page and "Like" and share/recommend to everyone you think will be interested in what we're doing and what's coming. Lots of new interesting projects including radio/podcast show.
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Lisa was a Guest Speaker at the Galactic Expo in Nashville in 2012. The topic was:

New Realities: 2012 and Beyond

Many are focused on “2012” as a point of reference for “change.” What is actually happening? Our realities are shifting and humanity is entering an accelerated evolutionary period. What does that mean and what can we expect in the coming years? Lisa Rhyne leads an interactive session discussing various belief systems, modalities and how we can actively--as individuals and as the collective--manifest our dreams and desires in this time of shifts, extremes, and new realities. An engaging group dialogue about these uncertain times of massive change, survival and what’s next for humanity, this planet, and beyond.

Click this Link to LISA'S NEW MEDIA PAGE:

It is under construction but we have added these two interviews posted and lots more to come:


We are developing a new series of Calendars and books on Elantu's works. We are going to make an announcement very soon on this.

She has been writing on several new projects - books and eBooks. As well as creating new paintings. We will be uploading them to the website as soon as they are ready.

Elantu's newest book, "THE CONTENTED POACHER" is now available for sale.

The Jimmy Kimmel Live! Show had Elantu prepare some recipes from THE CONTENTED POACHER.

She has 3 new books in various stages as well as a New Tarot Deck and book set. Some of her vintage Tarot paintings are now posted in her Fantasy Gallery. The 17 new Celtic Angels are also now posted in her Fantasy Gallery.

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