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Lisa Rhyne
My energy is so high that it is hard to get a "normal" photo somtimes. Here there are 3 of me but I am vibrating so fast and high that I am almost invisible to the camera and affecting the other person's energy field as well.



Lisa Rhyne
Light is radiating out of my head and heart areas in this digital photo.

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Lisa Rhyne's Healing Hand (left hand)...Radiating Pure Light

Lisa Rhyne

Same hand (left hand) a "normal state" of being seconds later.


Homo Luminous: What we are transforming into - Light Beings.

This photo was taken in my car with my iPhone on Labor Day Weekend 2010 with witnesses. There has been no alteration to this photo.

More photos and information is in Lisa's "Journey of a Dream Master: The Dream Masters - Book 1 published January 17, 2016! Available on

Here is what Hank Wesselman, PhD. has to say about Journey of a Dream Master:

“In JOURNEY OF A DREAM MASTER, Lisa Rhyne has created an engaging personal account of her magical life, revealing what becomes possible when we step onto the spiritual path in search of ourselves and our connections to the Universe.

Hank Wesselman, PhD., anthropologist and author of eight books on shamanism, including the Spiritwalker Trilogy, the award-winning Awakening to the Spirit World (with Sandra Ingerman), and The Bowl of Light: Ancestral Wisdom from a Hawaiian Shaman.”

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Journey of a Dream Master

There are many source out there and not all of them are true and accurate. If you have a question about a specific term or technique, plese email Lisa to discuss it. That would be the recommended guidance. I have given you some terms and references below.

Lisa Rhyne's Services:

  • The Dream Masters® SOULutions Sessions®

The initial session is usually an hour and a half and following sessions vary. You can book either 30-minute or 60-minute sessions. We strongly recommend 6-12 sessions. You will be required to sign a confidentiality and release form as we protect and never release any information.

These sessions can be performed in person, via phone or even remotely. Lisa uses all her extensive trainings, techniques, skills and abilities to work with you, addressing anything you would like to transform in your life. She may use hypnosis, NLP, remote viewing techniques, Shamanic techniques, various coaching methods, Yuen Energetics Method or Matrix Energetics. She may work with Spirit Guides including Angels and Ascended Masters, use Crystals and Minerals, and any other addition modalities, tools and abilities that are deemed appropriate during the session. Lisa's abilities include Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, and the rare Clairalience which we've included the definitions below.

Every session is unique because YOU are unique and constantly evolving. Each session will vary depending upon where you are in your journey. Truly the cutting-edge work integrating ancient metaphysics, quantum mechanics including holographic universe and scalar technology, morphogenetic field theory, non-linear time and parallel universe theory, and much more to shift your consciousness and the patterns of light and information that makes up your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self and is creating your experiences and results. Changing at this level is the only way you are going to get different results in your life.

As you transform and evolve, the sessions and techniques will transform and evolve as well. The Dream Masters® SOULutions Sessions® are an evolving and dynamic process that is very exciting and a lot of fun! That is why they are unlike anything else anywhere else. No one on the planet is doing what Lisa Rhyne is doing. Just as you are unique, she is a unique individual bringing together all of these elements into a one-of-a-kind session each and every session.

Please visit our Testimonials page to see more of what people all over the world are saying about Lisa and her work and then join humanity’s Transformation rEvolution today! Isn't it time you started living the life you want?!

"Lisa is a powerful red-headed tornado that knows how to transcend space/time/planes/dimensions and bring whatever is most needed/useful/beneficial for each person. She's well trained in a variety of energy/mind methods and can easily and synergetically combine them in a way that's powerful and beautiful to behold and experience. Try her sessions - you'll be grateful you did!"
Margarete Brandenburg, Indianapolis, IN

"Lisa has helped me recognize the fullest potential of my dreams. With her assistance I've been able to steer my life in ways totally unimaginable to me before. She's managed to perfect the balance of having a maternal, caring nature with a no-nonsense spin like only a true Southern girl can. I can say with all certainty that my entire life changed after meeting her. Lisa is much more than just a visionary -- she's a Master at manifesting."
Aliya Ewing

You would not go to the gym and workout one time and expect to be a professional bodybuilder or go to a physical therapist once after a massive traumatic injury or surgery and expect to be finished. People who have spent tens of thousands of dollars on pharmaceuticals and decades in traditional therapy find that in only a few weeks this work does what all the traditional treatments never accomplish. This work is not used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or psychological disorder. It is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment.

These sessions build upon each other and have a cumulative effect. The more you do, the more dramatic the results and isn’t that the whole point? Please keep in mind that, although the energy shifts and/or changes can be instantaneous, everyone reacts differently. As changes in one area of your life manifest that will ripple throughout all other areas of your life because everything is connected. You may initially start with the first visit wanting to focus a health issue. When that health issue shifts you may want to focus on relationship or career or something emotional. Regardless of the focus, all areas of your life will change. The work is much faster and effective than other modalities.

  • Shamanic Services

These sessions are usually an hour long and can be done in person or remotely. They can include soul retrieval, extractions, divination, depossession, unwinding/removing curses, blessings, cleansings for buildings, lands or areas, conducting ceremonies and other journey work.

You can email Lisa for more information about specific Shamanic Services and she will determine if this service is appropriate for your needs.

For more information, please email our Services Department.

Basic definition of Metaphysics

Here is a very brief overview of "Metaphysics" as there is a lot of misunderstanding about that word. To read more, please search the Internet as there is a lot of information on this vast subject. The following text was taken from the Wiki page on "Metaphysics"

Metaphysics is a traditional branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world that encompasses it, although the term is not easily defined. Traditionally, metaphysics attempts to answer two basic questions in the broadest possible terms:

1. What is ultimately there?
2. What is it like?

A person who studies metaphysics is called a metaphysicist or a metaphysician. The metaphysician attempts to clarify the fundamental notions by which people understand the world, e.g., existence, objects and their properties, space and time, cause and effect, and possibility. A central branch of metaphysics is ontology, the investigation into the basic categories of being and how they relate to each other. Another central branch of metaphysics is cosmology, the study of the origin (if it has had one), fundamental structure, nature, and dynamics of the universe.

Prior to the modern history of science, scientific questions were addressed as a part of metaphysics known as natural philosophy. Originally, the term "science" (Latin scientia) simply meant "knowledge". The scientific method, however, transformed natural philosophy into an empirical activity deriving from experiment unlike the rest of philosophy. By the end of the 18th century, it had begun to be called "science" to distinguish it from philosophy. Thereafter, metaphysics denoted philosophical enquiry of a non-empirical character into the nature of existence. Some philosophers of science, such as the neo-positivists, say that natural science rejects the study of metaphysics, while other philosophers of science strongly disagree.

The word "metaphysics" derives from the Greek words μετά (metá, "beyond", "upon" or "after") and φυσικά (physiká, "physics"). It was first used as the title for several of Aristotle's works, because they were usually anthologized after the works on physics in complete editions. The prefix meta- ("beyond") indicates that these works come "after" the chapters on physics. However, Aristotle himself did not call the subject of these books "Metaphysics": he referred to it as "first philosophy." The editor of Aristotle's works, Andronicus of Rhodes, is thought to have placed the books on first philosophy right after another work, Physics, and called them τὰ μετὰ τὰ φυσικὰ βιβλία (ta meta ta physika biblia) or "the books that come after the [books on] physics". This was misread by Latin scholiasts, who thought it meant "the science of what is beyond the physical". However, once the name was given, the commentators sought to find intrinsic reasons for its appropriateness. For instance, it was understood to mean "the science of the world beyond nature" (physis in Greek), that is, the science of the immaterial. Again, it was understood to refer to the chronological or pedagogical order among our philosophical studies, so that the "metaphysical sciences" would mean "those that we study after having mastered the sciences that deal with the physical world" (St. Thomas Aquinas, "In Lib, Boeth. de Trin.", V, 1).

There is a widespread use of the term in current popular literature which replicates this error, i.e. that metaphysical means spiritual non-physical: thus, "metaphysical healing" means healing by means of remedies that are not physical.

Basic definitions of "The Clairs"

Clairvoyance (seeing/psychic vision)
The term clairvoyance (from 17th century French with clair meaning "clear" and voyance meaning "vision") is used to refer to the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known human senses, a form of extra-sensory perception. A person said to have the ability of clairvoyance is referred to as a clairvoyant ("one who sees clearly"). This is when you have visions, see images, still or moving on the inner screen of your mind. Your eyes may be open or closed. This also includes; seeing auras, Angels, apparitions, etc. Clairvoyance is when you can see beyond the physical. The psychic reception area for this sense is located in the centre of the forehead. (The third eye).

Clairsentience (feeling/touching)
In the field of parapsychology, clairsentience is a form of extra-sensory perception wherein a person acquires psychic knowledge primarily by feeling. The word is from the French clair, “clear,” + sentience, “feeling,” and is ultimately derived from the Latin clarus, “clear,” + sentiens, derived from sentire, “to feel”. In addition to parapsychology, the term also plays a role in some religions. For example: clairsentience is one of the six human special functions mentioned or recorded in Buddhism. It is an ability that can be obtained at advanced meditation level. Generally the term refers to a person who can feel the vibration of other people. There are many different degrees of clairsentience ranging from the perception of diseases of other people to the thoughts or emotions of other people. The ability differs from third eye in that this kind of ability cannot have a vivid picture in the mind. Instead, a very vivid feeling can form. Psychometry is related to clairsentience. The word stems from psyche and metric, which means "soul-measuring". The psychic reception area for Clairsentience is located in the solar plexus.

Clairaudience (hearing/listening)
In the field of parapsychology, clairaudience [from late 17th century French clair (clear) and audience (hearing)] is a form of extra-sensory perception wherein a person acquires information by paranormal auditory means. It is often considered to be a form of clairvoyance. Clairaudience is essentially the ability to hear in a paranormal manner, as opposed to paranormal seeing (clairvoyance) and feeling (clairsentience). Clairaudient people have psi-mediated hearing. Clairaudience may refer not to actual perception of sound, but may instead indicate impressions of the "inner mental ear" similar to the way many people think words without having auditory impressions. But it may also refer to actual perception of sounds such as voices, tones, or noises which are not apparent to other humans or to recording equipment. For instance, a clairaudient person might claim to hear the voices or thoughts of the spirits of persons who are deceased. In Buddhism, it is believed that those who have extensively practiced Buddhist meditation and have reached a higher level of consciousness can activate their "third ear" and hear the music of the spheres; i.e. the music of the celestial gandharvas. Clairaudience may be positively distinguished from the voices heard by the mentally ill when it reveals information unavailable to the clairaudient person by normal means (including cold reading or other magic tricks), and thus may be termed "psychic" or paranormal.

Clairalience (smelling)
Also known as clairescence. In the field of parapsychology, clairalience [presumably from late 17th century French clair (clear) and alience (smelling)] is a form of extra-sensory perception wherein a person accesses psychic knowledge through the physical sense of smell.

Claircognizance (knowing)
In the field of parapsychology, claircognizance [presumably from late 17th century French clair (clear) and cognizance (< ME cognisaunce < OFr conoissance, knowledge)] is a form of extra-sensory perception wherein a person acquires psychic knowledge primarily by means of intrinsic knowledge. It is the ability to know something without a physical explanation why you know it, like the concept of mediums. Having knowledge of certain places, people or situations without having the information to know. This can be premonitions. (this can sometimes be related to Dreams) The psychic reception area for Claircognizance is located on the top of the head (crown chakra)

Clairgustance or Clairambience (tasting)
In the field of parapsychology, clairgustance is defined as a form of extra-sensory perception that allegedly allows one to taste a substance without putting anything in one's mouth. It is claimed that those who possess this ability are able to perceive the essence of a substance from the spiritual or ethereal realms through taste.

I'd like to share this article by one of my Teachers, Hank Wesselman and a short video.

For more information about Hank and Jill, to read their articles, see videos, their teaching schedule and read the "blogum", Click Here to go to

Three Causes of Spiritual Illness
By Hank Wesselman, PhD

As we pass through life on the physical plane, things happen. We contract flus and colds and viruses, and we sustain physical injuries, like falling off our bikes as children or experiencing sports injuries. As adults, we may throw our back out or experience a serious car accident, in the process, acquiring bruises, cuts, sprains, infections, lacerations, and sometimes broken bones.

Some of us may also experience serious illnesses of an internal nature like cancer or hepatitis, heart disease or multiple sclerosis. Eventually we pass through old age and the progressive infirmity and death of the physical body. These are the givens--they are all to be expected as part of what it means to be an embodied, living being. But these are all effects, and what the shaman is primarily interested in is the cause.

Cause and Effect
In looking through the shamanic healer's eyes, the ultimate causes of virtually all illness are to be found within the imaginal realms--in those same regions from which illness derives its initial power to affect us adversely. Because of this, it is not enough to simply suppress the effects of illness with medication on the physical plane and hope for the best. For true healing to occur, the causes of the illness must be addressed.

From the shaman's perspective, there are three classic causes of illness, and interestingly, they are not microbes or bacteria or viruses. Rather, they are negative internal states that appear within us in response to negative or traumatic life experiences. The first among these is disharmony.

Disharmony is what we experience when life suddenly loses its meaning or when we have lost an important connection to life.

Let’s take the case of an elderly couple who have had a long marriage, and suddenly one of them dies. They may not have had a perfect relationship, yet there is a deep bond between them because of all they have shared together. The survivor may go into crisis upon the loss of their mate, and within a short time, he or she may come down with something medically challenging, like cancer. Suddenly, they're gone too.

That's disharmony.

The state of disharmony that we experience in response to such life situations causes a diminishment of our personal power. This can happen in a subtle manner on the one hand, or in a catastrophic, life-shaking way on the other like losing your job, and in the process losing your livelihood. When we experience disempowerment, or “power loss,” it affects our energetic matrix, rendering us vulnerable to illness.

The second classic cause of illness is fear. A person who is walking around with a chronic sense of fear gnawing away at them is doubly vulnerable to illness because their anxiety aggressively and progressively diminishes their sense of well-being, and this, in turn, affects their feeling of being safe in the world.

This sense of well-being is the base upon which our personal health system stands. When this foundation is affected negatively, it diminishes the ability of our immune system to function. And when our immune system goes down, we're in trouble.

It's not too difficult to see that there is a feedback mechanism at work here. Fear, and the anxiety it creates, produces disharmony. In the same breath, disharmony generates fear, and if the two of them are working together, it doubly affects the protective mantle of the body's immune system, as well as the energetic matrix. Illness is the inevitable result.

It is no surprise to Western medical practitioners that disharmony and fear can manifest themselves in diseases that are recognizable to science. Almost 500 years ago, the Renaissance physician Paracelsus observed that "the fear of disease is more dangerous than the disease itself."

This brings us to consider the third classic cause of illness--the phenomenon known to indigenous healers as soul loss.

Soul Loss
Among the traditionals, soul loss is regarded as the most serious diagnosis and the major cause of premature death and serious illness, yet curiously, it's not even mentioned in our Western medical textbooks. The closest acknowledged context is “He/she has lost the will to live”.

In Western society, soul loss is most easily understood as damage to a person's life essence, a phenomenon that usually occurs in response to trauma. When the trauma are severe, this may result in a fragmentation of that person's soul cluster, with the shattered soul parts dissociating, fleeing an intolerable situation. In overwhelming circumstances, these soul parts may not return.

The causes of soul loss can be many and varied. There may be traumatic perinatal issues that happen around the child’s birth experience such as arriving into life only to discover that they are not wanted, or that they are the wrong gender—they’ve come in as a girl when everyone was hoping for a boy.

Soul loss can also occur when a child is mercilessly bullied or teased at home or at school, day after day, or when a young person is molested by the one who is supposed to be caring for them. When someone has been raped or assaulted, has suffered a shocking betrayal, a bitter divorce, a traumatic abortion, a terrible car accident, or even a serious surgery, soul loss is assured.

Many of the young men and women who were sent to war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Viet Nam, Korea and beyond, came home personally damaged because they had suffered terrible soul loss. Our medical specialists labeled their disorders as post-traumatic stress syndrome, but they had little to offer these "walking wounded" in terms of true healing, and many who survived are still deeply traumatized at the soul level by what happened to them in war.

Symptoms of Soul Loss
Soul loss is easily recognizable if you know what you're looking for. Here's a checklist of some of the classic symptoms:

  • feelings of being fragmented, of not being all here.
  • blocked memory--an inability to remember parts of one's life.
  • an inability to feel love or receive love from another.
  • emotional remoteness.
  • a sudden onset of apathy or listlessness.
  • a lack of initiative or enthusiasm.
  • a lack of joy.
  • a failure to thrive.
  • an inability to make decisions.
  • an inability to discriminate.
  • chronic negativity.
  • addictions.
  • suicidal tendencies.
  • melancholy or despair.
  • chronic depression.

Perhaps the most common symptom of soul loss is depression. In the early 1990s, Time magazine did a cover story on depression in America that revealed 60 million Americans were taking anti-depressant drugs on a daily basis, representing about 30% of our population.

Today that number is closer to 80 million, representing about 40% of society at large, and sometimes that number jumps in response to a national trauma. On the Friday following 9/11, a television newscast revealed that 7 out of 10 Americans polled were experiencing significant depression in response to the tragedy, an indicator of soul loss on a national scale.

Although the term “soul loss” is not familiar to most Westerners, examples of it are expressed daily in our language and descriptions of personal hardships. Media interviews and news reports include individuals’ comments such as “I lost a part of myself when that (trauma) happened” and “I have not been the same since.” When discussing soul loss with inquiring individuals, most everyone has a sense of having lost a “part” of themselves at some time in life, yet virtually no one has the awareness that the missing part(s) could be recovered.

They can.



Partial List of Lisa's Affiliations, Certifications and Trainings:

  • Bachelor of Science from Ball State University
  • UCLA Extension Writers' Program for Screenwriting
  • Member of SAG, AFTRA, BMI
  • Master Hypnotist
  • Master Trainer of Hypnosis
  • Master Ericksonian Hypnotist
  • Master Trainer of Ericksonian Hypnosis
  • Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Master Trainer of NLP
  • Master Practitioner of Creation Technologies™
  • Master of Neurological Repatterning
  • Master Results Coach
  • Master Performance Consultant
  • Chekhov Technique Master
  • Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics/Energetic Healing by Master Kam Yuen
  • Matrix Energetics by Richard Bartlett
  • Ordained Minister via the Universal Life Church Monastery
  • and many others including EFT, various sound, light and art therapies,
    advanced Remote Viewing trainings, many of the Monroe Institute programs and too many others to list.
  • Shaman Teachers I have studied and interned with and still do work with: Hank Wesselman, Jill Kuykendall, Alberto Villoldo, Sandra Ingerman, Michael Harner and many Native American Shamans that I keep private. I am constantly working with and training with my Teachers.

Please note that some of this work may not be right for you as your Higher Self may have a greater plan and if that is the case, then Lisa will not work with you. She does turn down clients and will work only those clients she determines will be helped by this work. We reserve the right to refuse to work with anyone at our discretion.

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